i'm a frontend developer and project manager that builds teams and develops businesses.

matthew hall

about me

over 10 years of experience

i have worked within the online industry for over a decade as a frontend product focused developer, project manager and director of operations. from launching new services to marketing existing products and developing teams, i have helped build and sell multi-million pound businesses in a variety of sectors.

my skill set spans multiple adjacent disciplines from design and data analysis, to business development and brand marketing.

building teams + promoting innovation

i have managed departments both big and small and pride myself on developing extraordinary teams that create extraordinary products. innovation focused on user data, business goals and creative thinking has led me to be part of industry leading products and services across ecommerce, social platforms, news media and many more.


skills and experience


i've covered a lot in my 10+ years within in the industry. here's a quick breakdown of my skill sets and experience within them.

design and development

design and front-end development
0 years
10+ years
UX / UI design
programming (PHP / MySQL)

business and product

project management
0 years
10+ years
marketing and SEO
director of operations

apps, frameworks and tools

form prototyping tools to project management software, modern frontend development and business management requires exposure to a wide variety of tools and frameworks.

  • £7,000,000 —— cha-ching!

    as the director of operations at NSI (Holdings) Ltd. i had the responsibility of product design for an online dating platform, as well as its marketing, monetisation and general business development. Over the course of 5 years we continually increased our YoY turnover through data analysis, product iteration and intense marketing to eventually achieve a sale price of 7 million pounds.

  • one coherent experience

    i ran a project that involved the amalgamation of an online community that spanned multiple services (such as news media, job networks, training tools, etc) all with different credentials, server architecture and databases. i managed the team to bring all this together, introduced paywalls, rebranded the service, overcame data issues and provide a single smooth coherent user experience with a near zero percent drop off. the success was followed by increased sign up rates and a cross pollination of services allowing for new revenue streams to be instantly realised.

  • hundreds of projects

    i have quite literally managed hundreds of projects, service upgrades and new business ventures. i have built teams from scratch and integrated business purchases both technically and procedurally. i have been an integral member of the acquisition and mergers of multiple companies as well as the selling of businesses i have been a share holder of.

  • business development

    i have built brands and successfully marketed them through the likes of online marketing, traditional real world marketing and by developing systems and technology such as white label tools and affiliate systems. long-term business development goals involved creating communities, identifying strategical partners and monetising them once market share was achieved.


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matthew hall web designer

matthew hall

frontend developer | designer | project manager
crawley, west sussex, uk

thanks for taking the time to learn about me. on a more personal note - that's me over there with my wife and son. when i'm not working, i spend most of my spare time with them just out and about trying to enjoy ourselves. when i get a few moments to myself, i love working on little creative side projects, binging on netflix and saving the world from evil aliens and terrorists... on my xbox that is.

anyway, i hope i've made some sort of impression on you. if you want to learn more, download my resumé or get in touch. i'd love to hear from you.