Get your life in order by simply using your email differently

Every day starts with email.

So we revolutionised the inbox.

Using dobox allows you to streamline the daily email troll. Instantly become more productive and organised!

How it works

It all begins with your brand-spanking new old mailbox

Dobox starts off by grabbing all your emails from your existing provider (no need to change email address).

So really, it's still the same email you've always had - with the same features you have come to expect.

But it's about to get better.

Simple one-click actions change everything

Now when you get an email, you can quickly convert it into a number of different options, such as a task, or mark it to be read later when you get home.

Compatible with...


...and many more

Make your mailbox work around you & be more productive.

Choose when and where you want to read your mail

When you get an email, your first instinct is to either quickly read it now (potentially wasting time) or read it later (and probably forget about it).

Now you can create custom reading lists or pre-defined ones such as Read at Home.

Dobox will now handle when and where to push this email to you. For example, all your Read at Home emails will be pushed to you once you have been home for 30 minutes.

Dobox is smart and it loves you - but it keeps out the way

Not only is dobox aware of your location and the time, but it can learn how to handle certain types of emails automatically.

For example, it can learn that you only want your social media updates when you're at home having breakfast or in the evening after the kids are down.

It can also realise when you're leaving work and push you that email reminding you to get bread.

Because let's face it - you've forgotten.

Create tasks, to-do-lists, projects and reminders

By turning an email into a task, adding it to a to-do-list or creating a project from it, allows you to turn your inbox into a powerful task management tool.

And tasks are smart too! Reminders can be set based on your location and time of day.  It can even learn to automatically assign emails to a project depending on where it has come from.

You can even use dobox as your central project hub as you can attach additional files, documents and photos to a task or project to keep everything in one place.


Your calendar syncs with your dobox tasks

Tasks and reminders can also sync with your calendar. This will allow you to see an at-a-glance overview of your day. It can also be used to make sure you haven't double booked yourself or got too much going on in a single day.

Agenda brings everything into a daily view

In Agenda View, everything comes together so that you can see and manage your day or days ahead.  You can even have different agendas showing depending if you are at work, at home or out in town.

Change how you look at email & turn your inbox into your dobox.

Features at a glance

It’s your same old mail, the same old way - just new again

Manage your mail as normal using message rules, junk filters, folders, priority mail, archives and more. Sync up with your contacts and use multiple email addresses and accounts.

Organise your mail in a way you never have done before

Convert your mail into reminders and tasks adding due dates, location based alerts and other notifications. Combine your tasks into to-do-lists, groups and projects.

Take control of your daily mail and manage it better

Quickly clear your mail by snoozing items for a certain amount of time. Or you can add them to reading lists that are intelligent and know when you would like to read them (such as lunch breaks and evenings).

Expand your tasks and reminders with attachments

Collate all the information you need in one place. Attach a host of files such as images and voice memos to your tasks so that you have all the information you need in one place.

Your day becomes simple as your agenda is created

See everything that you should be doing on any day and easily manage all your tasks from this view. Changes can be made on the fly and everything gets synced to your calendar system of choice.

Dobox gets smarter the more it knows you

Dobox learns. Tell it things, such as when you like to get your shopping discount newsletters and it will remember this and sort your email accordingly. It also knows where you are and what you should be doing.

Compatible devices

Available on desktop, mobile and tablet through the universal web app as well as dedicated apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

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